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Connecting Seats from Gotessons

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Connecting Seats from Gotessons

Connecting Seats is a fun furniture with high backrest, a buildable chair that easily connects to each other with a zipper and creates a room divider.

One of several news from Gotessons this year is a chair with a high backrest that makes it easy to change the layout of the room and to create a good sound environment. Connecting Seat has lockable wheels making it easy to move around and change the interor design.

The chair has a slightly conical shaped seat that makes it possible to form various types of form elements. It can easily be connected into a long row that both form a sofa creating a sheltered privacy and a good sound absorber. Put three pieces together around a pillar to create an great area of relaxation in the lobby, put the chairs oppisite of eachother and form a fun venue.

”The trend and demand of being able to quickly change and adapt the landscape and the layout of the room is definitely here to stay. That is an important part of the product devolopment process, ”says Tomas Svensson, product manager at Gotessons.

Connecting Seat fits easily into most indoor spaces such as offices, lobbys and conferences. The choice of fabric, zippers and color can be combined almost indefinitely making it easy to create your own design.

The chair is a combination of room divider and soft seating furniture that is available in four different designs, three with zippers that can connect and one without zip that can stand as a solitary.

The product is made of a wooden frame with top-class sound material, seat with soft padding and lockable front wheels.

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